App Localization

Grow your customer base and reach the masses in their own language

What We Do

App localization simply refers to the translation of content, picture, video to meet the cultural, requirements and other criteria of the specific target market. This helps you in going global and in increasing the number of installations of the app. Thus, through this mode if an app is launched in India one can have accessibility of the app in China, Japan, Germany etc.

The app localization has its various parameters the particular content of the app is translated into the desired language, where we look forward that the context does not change and it is in the same style and pattern as it was in the native language. Sometimes the layout of the text and spaces between them varies from language to language and we cater towards all these details.

We're Good At

Key Features


  • The development of the app is done in such a manner that it gives the feel and touch of the particular region where the app is going to be launched
  • We format the videos, pictures and different signs symbol as they mean differently in different languages
  • We make sure that the app is a worldwide hit


  • We have the group of professional who are specialized in various languages
  • They are well aware of the semantic barriers of the language
  • Through APIs we localize the dates, time and currency in the particular language


  • We test the app once it is converted into the particular language
  • Our high standards of the service help you in increasing the sale

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