Legal Transcription Services

Get the details of the legal audio transformed into written text.

What We Do

Are you looking towards the written document for the legal proceedings which is in the form of audio and video? Then legal transcription is the service for you. We do the transcription for the hearings, depositions, interrogations. And the transcription is done by the experts who are experienced and possess the adequate knowledge in legal and lawful terminologies. They simplify the facts, dates and quotes for you and other aspects of it.

We do the processing in this domain for the law firms, attorneys, public prosecutors, etc. Thus, it saves your time and avail the clarity of the message. We do the all kinds of transcription be it the audio tapes, digital recordings to video, etc. The transcription service goes hand in hand with accuracy and completeness of the task. We take care of the professional formatting to the highlighting of the specific legal phrases.

We're Good At

Key Features


  • The document is proofread and ensured that there are no issues with the integrity of the legal transcription
  • You get the advantage to save time and focus upon the other operational activities


  • We make sure the security of the data prevails and no leakage of the information takes place
  • Confidentiality is the key element which we consider before pursuing any such projects


  • We take the help of various upgraded transcribe softwares
  • Adequate attention is paid on no spelling mistakes, punctuations, grammar and typographical error

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